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4 Things You Must Do Before You Take the SAT

4 Things You Must Do Before You Take the SAT Finding out more about the SAT isn’t difficult; it just requires a little studious planning. I know. That sounds like a bummer, but if you’d like to get the SAT score of your dreams, you will do a little preparation first. And I dont mean just buying an SAT test prep book five days before the test and reading through a little of it. Sure, a test prep book can help you, but theres but there’s a whole mess of other things you need to wrap your head around, too. Start with these before you take the SAT. Learn the SAT Registration Basics Can you waltz into a testing center and demand a test booklet? When do you register? What sorts of things do you need to know before you register for the test? When is the test even offered? What about the cost? These are questions you’re going to need the answers to before you take the SAT. It is extremely important that you get these things right. You cant just take the test whenever youd like to, and there are things you must do prior to registering. If you dont know what those things are, then youre going to miss out on the test day youd prefer, and possibly, the deadline for your school of choices application window. Thankfully, I have some answers for you. So, read on. SAT CostSAT RegistrationWhats a Good SAT Score? Learn About the SAT Test Itself The SAT test is more than just a booklet full of random questions. There are timed sections with varying degrees of difficulty, varied content areas, and different ways to earn points. Can you use a calculator on the math section? Is the SAT essay required, or can you opt out of it? How different is the Evidence-Based Writing and Language test from the old SAT Writing test? Read through each of the sections below to make sure you understand what youll be asked. Its imperative that you understand each section, especially since the SAT changed quite a bit in March 2016. Redesigned SAT 101Evidence-Based Writing and Language TestEvidence-Based SAT Reading TestThe Redesigned SAT Math Test Plan SAT Prep Into Your Schedule It may seem strange to have to schedule in SAT prep (arent schedules for your parents?), but its important to take SAT prep seriously and figure out daily time to prepare for this exam. Sometimes, your SAT score can give you college admissions boost when your GPA cant. Print the Where Do I Spend My Time? chart at the bottom of the page here, and fill in every single scheduled activity, class, and dedicated hour you currently have. Then, figure out where SAT prep can fit into that busy schedule. You have more available time to study than you probably think you have. Effectively Prep for the SAT Once you have figured out where SAT prep can fit into your schedule, you need to determine what SAT prep is the best for you. You can read all you like about the SAT, but if you don’t prep effectively, you’ll just be running around in circles, getting yourself all sweaty, but ending up nowhere near the SAT score you deserve. Below are some test prep options you definitely need to follow before you go anywhere near an SAT testing center. Before you look into any of these, check out Which Test Prep is Right For Me? You may be better studying with a tutor than taking a class, or you may have an easier time studying by yourself with a book or app instead of signing up for a test prep course online. The guide will help you choose. SAT Tutoring OptionsThe Best SAT Test Prep Books5 Sources for Free SAT Prep

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Past Perfect Progressive Definition and Examples

Past Perfect Progressive Definition and Examples A verb construction (made up of had been a present participle) that points to an activity or situation that was ongoing in the past. Also known as past perfect continuous. Also see: AspectPast PerfectProgressive AspectPast Progressive Examples and Observations He knew that she had been dreaming that night and he knew what her dreams were about.(W. Somerset Maugham, Christmas Holiday, 1939)For an hour the old man had been seeing black spots before his eyes and the sweat salted his eyes and salted the cut over his eye and on his forehead.(Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea, 1952)If she had been pretending, she would have hidden for a reasonable time before coming out and telling her story.(C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, 1950)I felt like an extraordinary hero. I was only five or six and I had the whole of life in my hands. Even if I had been driving the carriage of the sun I could not have felt any better.(Dario Fo)The jaws fell, the ears drooped more limply. He had been looking like a dead fish. He now looked like a deader fish, one of last years, cast up on some lonely beach and left there at the mercy of the wind and tides.(P.G. Wodehouse, Right Ho, Jeeves, 1934)I was sixteen years old and more, and I had not yet done anything the Grandfathers wanted me to do, but they had been helping me.(John G. Neihardt, Black Elk Speaks, 1932) Mr. Churchill was better than could be expected; and their first removal, on the departure of the funeral for Yorkshire, was to be to the house of a very old friend in Windsor, to whom Mr. Churchill had been promising a visit the last ten years.(Jane Austen, Emma)The past perfect progressive (had been -ing) tells us about the length of the action and the specific point when it ended. It occurs frequently with since or for to specify the duration of the action.(Ann Raimes, Exploring Through Writing. Cambridge University Press, 1998) Also Known As: past perfect continuous

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Organization Theory Term Project 2 apple and Microsoft Assignment

Organization Theory Term Project 2 apple and Microsoft - Assignment Example Customer, on the other hand, can have product preference changes, and this will determine the type of the products that they buy. If a client decides to take an alternative product, it is a loss to the company (Cusumano, 2007). Hence, it becomes unstable. The customers preference is uncertain it cannot be predicted hence the reason many businesses become unstable. Microsoft and Apple companies face this problem. The economy of a country is uncertain, and this uncertainty affects the performance of the organizations. If a state’s economy drops, it will affect the company negatively hence it becomes unstable. Both Microsoft and Apple Company will be affected negatively since if the economy if bad the sales of their products will reduce the company hence, becomes volatile and vice versa if the economy is good (Inside Apple: how Americas most admired--and secretive--company really works, 2012). Government policies determine the laws and regulations of a given country. Countries legislation and regulations are amended from time to time, and that will determine the companies are working there. If the conditions are not favorable, it will affect the organizations negatively. The rules of a country will ascertain the stability of the organization if the rules are favorable the organization will be stable. Competition cannot be predicted by organization thought they come up with strategies to outsmart each other. Competition among organizations is healthy but at times, its bad if the competition is high. For instance, if an organization has other related industries in the same countries it might be hard for them to do well especially if the other organization as a strong brand name. Getting customers to accept the new products may be hard since they may be having product loyalty. Global competition is another problem already established an organization with

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Legal Scenarios Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Legal Scenarios - Case Study Example Parties to a contract of employment cannot alter the nature of the contract by simply putting a label on it. In this scenario, ‘indicia’ conspicuously balance the relationship in favor of an employment. To begin with, the level of control exerted by Big Time over Glenn suggests an employee. The more the control exercised by one party over the other, the more the relationship weighs in favor of a contract of services. The exercise of control over the way in which work is carried out, and degree of such control are to be examined and applied as prominent distinguishing factors (Abdalla, Abraham v. Viewdaze Pty Ltd (2003)122 IR par. 23). The control test looks not only whether it is the employer who dictates what is to be done, but also the means of doing it, when it is to be done and where it is to be done (Employment Status, p.9). Big Time exercises great control over Glenn, in that it dictates the destination of the products, while Glenn is required to follow instruction s. The second ‘indicia’ relates to the right to delegate. In Express and Echo Publications Ltd v. Tanton [1999] IRLR 367, the court held that a wide power of substitution is inconsistent with a contract of services. The general rule is however not absolute. ... y, Sargeant and Jefferson, 2013, p.17).In this scenario, Glenn has a limited power to delegate given that he must seek prior consent from the management of Big time. The manager was not obliged to accept every request, and could, therefore, dictate when Glenn could delegate. The third indicium rests to the fact that Glenn used his own truck and tools to do the work. Where an employee provides his own tools of trade, the relationship is more likely to be one for services (Abdalla, Abraham v Viewdaze Pty Ltd). Nevertheless, not every instance that an employee provides their own tools that the balance tilts in favor of independent contractors. In Hollis v Vabu Pty Ltd (2001) 207 CLR 21 the court considered that bicycles that the workers provided are not tools that could be used exclusively for the courier work that they had been contracted. Similarly in this scenario, a truck cannot be used exclusively for delivery of fresh produces exclusively. However, it is material if Glenn had adap ted the truck for delivery purposes only. The fourth ‘indicia’ arise from the fact that Glenn is required to make his own arrangements for taxation purposes. If the employer deducts tax on a PAYE basis, it is an indication of a contract of services. It follows that where the worker makes his own tax arrangements, the relationship is more likely to be one of an independent contractor. However, not all relationships where the worker makes his own tax arrangement are a contract for services as in Federal Commissioner of Tax v J Walter Thompson (1944) 69 CLR 227. Finally, the other indicia concern the bearer of a financial risk in case of a loss. Where the employer bears the risk of any financial loss or injury that arises in the course of the worker discharging his duties, the contract is

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Religion Essay -- essays research papers

Comparison of Judaism vs Buddhism   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In this essay I will be comparing the rituals, and festivals chosen from two different religions. The two religions that I will be comparing are Judaism and Buddhism.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Judaism and Buddhism have many rituals and beliefs. There is a wide range of Jewish beliefs, Stan Fischler emphasizes on these major points. Reformed Jews believe that being Jewish gives them a common culture, while Orthodox Jews try to keep all the laws and customs commanded by the Torah. The basic Jewish religious beliefs is in the existence of one, eternal, invisible God. The Jews also believe they were chosen to receive God’s Torah. They believe that by looking at its many meaning, and by living according to its laws, they can spread justice throughout the world. At the right time, they believe that the Messiah will come to bring this perfect world. Reward for good deeds will largely be granted in the world to come. Jews believe that seven weeks after the Israelites left Egypt, God chose them to receive the Torah. Moses climbed Mount Sinai to hear the Torah and bring the Commandments back to the people, carved into stone tablets. They also believe that on the first day of the creation of the world, God made night and day. Earth and heaven were created on the second day, and seas and land were created on the third day. On the forth day, the Sun, Moon and stars were created, and on the fifth day, the fish and birds....

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The Host Chapter 34: Buried

Jared lunged forward, away from me. With a loud smacking sound, his fist hit Kyle's face. Kyle's eyes rolled back in his head, and his mouth fell slack. The room was very quiet for a few seconds. â€Å"Um,† Doc said in a mild voice, â€Å"medically speaking, I'm not sure that was the most helpful thing for his condition.† â€Å"But I feel better,† Jared answered, sullen. Doc smiled the tiniest smile. â€Å"Well, maybe a few more minutes of unconsciousness won't kill him.† Doc began looking under Kyle's lids again, taking his pulse†¦ â€Å"What happened?† Wes was by my head, speaking in a murmur. â€Å"Kyle tried to kill it,† Jared answered before I could. â€Å"Are we really surprised?† â€Å"Did not,† I muttered. Wes looked at Jared. â€Å"Altruism seems to come more naturally to it than lies,† Jared noted. â€Å"Are you trying to be annoying?† I demanded. My patience was not waning, but entirely gone. How long had it been since I'd slept? The only thing that ached worse than my leg was my head. Every breath hurt my side. I realized, with some surprise, that I was in a truly bad mood. â€Å"Because if you are, then be assured, you have succeeded.† Jared and Wes looked at me with shocked eyes. I was sure that if I could see the others, their expressions would match. Maybe not Jeb's. He was the master of the poker face. â€Å"I am female,† I complained. â€Å"That it' business is really getting on my nerves.† Jared blinked in surprise. Then his face settled back into harder lines. â€Å"Because of the body you wear?† Wes glared at him. â€Å"Because of me,† I hissed. â€Å"By whose definition?† â€Å"How about by yours? In my species, I am the one that bears young. Is that not female enough for you?† That stopped him short. I felt almost smug. As you should, Melanie approved. He's wrong, and he's being a pig about it. Thank you. We girls have to stick together. â€Å"That's a story you've never told us,† Wes murmured, while Jared struggled for a rebuttal. â€Å"How does that work?† Wes's olive-toned face darkened, as if he'd just realized he had spoken the words out loud. â€Å"I mean, I guess you don't have to answer that, if I'm being rude.† I laughed. My mood was swinging around wildly, out of control. Slaphappy, like Mel had said. â€Å"No, you're not asking anything†¦ inappropriate. We don't have such a complicated†¦ elaborate setup as your species.† I laughed again, and then felt warmth in my face. I remembered only too clearly how elaborate it could be. Get your mind out of the gutter. It's your mind, I reminded her. â€Å"Then†¦?† Wes asked. I sighed. â€Å"There are only a few of us who are†¦ Mothers. Not Mothers. That's what they call us, but it's just the potential to be one†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I was sober again, thinking of it. There were no Mothers, no surviving Mothers, only the memories of them. â€Å"You have that potential?† Jared asked stiffly. I knew the others were listening. Even Doc had paused in the act of putting his ear to Kyle's chest. I didn't answer his question. â€Å"We're†¦ a little like your hives of bees, or your ants. Many, many sexless members of the family, and then the queen†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Queen?† Wes repeated, looking at me with a strange expression. â€Å"Not like that. But there is only one Mother for every five, ten thousand of my kind. Sometimes less. There's no hard-and-fast rule.† â€Å"How many drones?† Wes wondered. â€Å"Oh, no-there aren't drones. No, I told you, it's simpler than that.† They waited for me to explain. I swallowed. I shouldn't have brought this up. I didn't want to talk about it anymore. Was it really such a big thing to have Jared call me â€Å"it†? They still waited. I frowned, but then I spoke. I'd started this. â€Å"The Mothers†¦ divide. Every†¦ cell, I guess you could call it, though our structure isn't the same as yours, becomes a new soul. Each new soul has a little of the Mother's memory, a piece of her that remains.† â€Å"How many cells?† Doc asked, curious. â€Å"How many young?† I shrugged. â€Å"A million or so.† The eyes that I could see widened, looked a little wilder. I tried not to feel hurt when Wes cringed away from me. Doc whistled under his breath. He was the only one who was still interested in continuing. Aaron and Andy had wary, disturbed expressions on their faces. They'd never heard me teach before. Never heard me speak so much. â€Å"When does that happen? Is there a catalyst?† Doc asked. â€Å"It's a choice. A voluntary choice,† I told him. â€Å"It's the only way we ever willingly choose to die. A trade, for a new generation.† â€Å"You could choose now, to divide all your cells, just like that?† â€Å"Not quite just like that, but yes.† â€Å"Is it complicated?† â€Å"The decision is. The process is†¦ painful.† â€Å"Painful?† Why should that have surprised him so? Wasn't it the same for his kind? Men. Mel snorted. â€Å"Excruciating,† I told him. â€Å"We all remember how it was for our Mothers.† Doc was stroking his chin, entranced. â€Å"I wonder what the evolutionary track would be†¦ to produce a hive society with suiciding queens†¦Ã¢â‚¬  He was lost on another plane of thought. â€Å"Altruism,† Wes murmured. â€Å"Hmm,† Doc said. â€Å"Yes, that.† I closed my eyes, wishing my mouth had stayed closed. I felt dizzy. Was I just tired or was it my head wound? â€Å"Oh,† Doc muttered. â€Å"You've slept even less than I have, haven't you, Wanda? We should let you get some rest.† â€Å"‘M fine,† I mumbled, but I didn't open my eyes. â€Å"That's just great,† someone said under his breath. â€Å"We've got a bloody queen mother alien living with us. She could blow into a million new buggers at any moment.† â€Å"Shh.† â€Å"They couldn't hurt you,† I told whoever it was, not opening my eyes. â€Å"Without host bodies, they would die quickly.† I winced, imagining the unimaginable grief. A million tiny, helpless souls, tiny silver babies, withering†¦ No one answered me, but I could feel their relief in the air. I was so tired. I didn't care that Kyle was three feet from me. I didn't care that two of the men in the room would side with Kyle if he came around. I didn't care about anything but sleep. Of course, that was when Walter woke up. â€Å"Uuuh,† he groaned, just a whisper. â€Å"Gladdie?† With a groan of my own, I rolled toward him. The pain in my leg made me wince, but I couldn't twist my torso. I reached out to him, found his hand. â€Å"Here,† I whispered. â€Å"Ahh,† Walter sighed in relief. Doc hushed the men who began to protest. â€Å"Wanda's given up sleep and peace to help him through the pain. Her hands are bruised from holding his. What have you done for him?† Walter groaned again. The sound began low and guttural but turned quickly to a high-pitched whimper. Doc winced. â€Å"Aaron, Andy, Wes†¦ would you, ah, go get Sharon for me, please?† â€Å"All of us?† â€Å"Get out,† Jeb translated. The only answer was a shuffling of feet as they left. â€Å"Wanda,† Doc whispered, close beside my ear. â€Å"He's in pain. I can't let him come all the way around.† I tried to breathe evenly. â€Å"It's better if he doesn't know me. It's better if he thinks Gladdie is here.† I pulled my eyes open. Jeb was beside Walter, whose face still looked as if he slept. â€Å"Bye, Walt,† Jeb said. â€Å"See you on the other side.† He stepped back. â€Å"You're a good man. You'll be missed,† Jared murmured. Doc was fumbling in the package of morphine again. The paper crackled. â€Å"Gladdie?† Walt sobbed. â€Å"It hurts.† â€Å"Shhh. It won't hurt much longer. Doc will make it stop.† â€Å"Gladdie?† â€Å"Yes?† â€Å"I love you, Gladdie. I've loved you my whole life long.† â€Å"I know, Walter. I-I love you, too. You know how I love you.† Walter sighed. I closed my eyes when Doc leaned over Walter with the syringe. â€Å"Sleep well, friend,† Doc murmured. Walter's fingers relaxed, loosened. I held on to them-I was the one clinging now. The minutes passed, and all was quiet except my breathing. It was hitching and breaking, tending toward quiet sobs. Someone patted my shoulder. â€Å"He's gone, Wanda,† Doc said, his voice thick. â€Å"He's out of pain.† He pulled my hand free and rolled me carefully out of my awkward position into one that was less agonizing. But only slightly so. Now that I knew Walter wouldn't be disturbed, the sobs were not so quiet. I clutched at my side, where it throbbed. â€Å"Oh, go ahead. You won't be happy otherwise,† Jared muttered in a grudging tone. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't do it. Something stung my arm. I didn't remember having hurt my arm. And in such a strange place, just inside my elbow†¦ Morphine, Melanie whispered. We were already drifting now. I tried to be alarmed, but I couldn't be. I was too far gone. No one said goodbye, I thought dully. I couldn't expect Jared†¦ but Jeb†¦ Doc†¦ Ian wasn't here†¦ No one's dying, she promised me. Just sleeping this time†¦ When I woke, the ceiling above me was dim, starlit. Nighttime. There were so many stars. I wondered where I was. There were no black obstructions, no pieces of ceiling in my view. Just stars and stars and stars†¦ Wind fanned my face. It smelled like†¦ dust and†¦ something I couldn't put my finger on. An absence. The musty smell was gone. No sulfur, and it was so dry. â€Å"Wanda?† someone whispered, touching my good cheek. My eyes found Ian's face, white in the starlight, leaning over me. His hand on my skin was cooler than the breeze, but the air was so dry it wasn't uncomfortable. Where was I? â€Å"Wanda? Are you awake? They won't wait any longer.† I whispered because he did. â€Å"What?† â€Å"They're starting already. I knew you would want to be here.† â€Å"She comin' around?† Jeb's voice asked. â€Å"What's starting?† I asked. â€Å"Walter's funeral.† I tried to sit up, but my body was all rubbery. Ian's hand moved to my forehead, holding me down. I twisted my head under his hand, trying to see†¦ I was outside. Outside. On my left, a rough, tumbled pile of boulders formed a miniature mountain, complete with scrubby brush. On my right, the desert plain stretched away from me, disappearing in the darkness. I looked down past my feet, and I could see the huddle of humans, ill at ease in the open air. I knew just how they felt. Exposed. I tried to get up again. I wanted to be closer, to see. Ian's hand restrained me. â€Å"Easy there,† he said. â€Å"Don't try to stand.† â€Å"Help me,† I pleaded. â€Å"Wanda?† I heard Jamie's voice, and then I saw him, his hair bobbing as he ran to where I was lying. My fingertips traced the edges of the mat beneath me. How did I get here, sleeping under the stars? â€Å"They didn't wait,† Jamie said to Ian. â€Å"It will be over soon.† â€Å"Help me up,† I said. Jamie reached for my hand, but Ian shook his head. â€Å"I got her.† Ian slid his arms under me, very careful to avoid the worst of the sore spots. He pulled me up off the ground, and my head spun like a ship about to capsize. I groaned. â€Å"What did Doc do to me?† â€Å"He gave you a little of the leftover morphine, so that he could check you out without hurting you. You needed sleep anyway.† I frowned, disapproving. â€Å"Won't someone else need the medicine more?† â€Å"Shh,† he said, and I could hear a low voice in the distance. I turned my head. I could see the group of humans again. They stood at the mouth of a low, dark, open space carved out by the wind under the unstable-looking pile of boulders. They stood in a ragged line, facing the shadowed grotto. I recognized Trudy's voice. â€Å"Walter always saw the bright side of things. He could see the bright side of a black hole. I'll miss that.† I saw a figure step forward, saw the gray-and-black braid swing as she moved, and watched Trudy toss a handful of something into the darkness. Sand scattered from her fingers, falling to the ground with a faint hiss. She went back to stand beside her husband. Geoffrey moved away from her, stepped forward toward the black space. â€Å"He'll find his Gladys now. He's happier where he is.† Geoffrey threw his handful of dirt. Ian carried me to the right side of the line of people, close enough to see into the murky grotto. There was a darker space on the ground in front of us, a big oblong around which the entire human population stood in a loose half circle. Everyone was there-everyone. Kyle stepped forward. I trembled, and Ian squeezed me gently. Kyle did not look in our direction. I saw his face in profile; his right eye was nearly swollen shut. â€Å"Walter died human,† Kyle said. â€Å"None of us can ask for more than that.† He threw a fistful of dirt into the dark shape on the ground. Kyle rejoined the group. Jared stood beside him. He took the short walk and stopped at the edge of Walter's grave. â€Å"Walter was good through and through. Not one of us is his equal.† He threw his sand. Jamie walked forward, and Jared patted his shoulder once as they passed each other. â€Å"Walter was brave,† Jamie said. â€Å"He wasn't afraid to die, he wasn't afraid to live, and†¦ he wasn't afraid to believe. He made his own decisions, and he made good ones.† Jamie threw his handful. He turned and walked back, his eyes locked on mine the whole way. â€Å"Your turn,† he whispered when he was at my side. Andy was already moving forward, a shovel in his hands. â€Å"Wait,† Jamie said in a low voice that carried in the silence. â€Å"Wanda and Ian haven't said anything.† There was an unhappy mutter around me. My brain felt like it was pitching and heaving inside my skull. â€Å"Let's have some respect,† Jeb said, louder than Jamie. It felt too loud to me. My first instinct was to wave Andy ahead and make Ian carry me away. This was human mourning, not mine. But I did mourn. And I did have something to say. â€Å"Ian, help me get some sand.† Ian crouched down so I could scoop up a handful of the loose rocks at our feet. He rested my weight on his knee to get his own share of dirt. Then he straightened and carried me to the edge of the grave. I couldn't see into the hole. It was dark under the overhang of rock, and the grave seemed to be very deep. Ian began speaking before I could. â€Å"Walter was the best and brightest of what is human,† he said, and scattered his sand into the hole. It fell for a long time before I heard it hiss against the bottom. Ian looked down at me. It was absolutely silent in the starlit night. Even the wind was calm. I whispered, but I knew my voice carried to everyone. â€Å"There was no hatred in your heart,† I whispered. â€Å"That you existed is proof that we were wrong. We had no right to take your world from you, Walter. I hope your fairytales are true. I hope you find your Gladdie.† I let the rocks trickle through my fingers and waited until I heard them fall with a soft patter onto Walter's body, obscured in the deep, dark grave. Andy started to work as soon as Ian took the first step back, shoveling from a mound of pale, dusty earth that was piled a few feet farther into the grotto. The shovel load hit with a thump rather than a whisper. The sound made me cringe. Aaron stepped past us with another shovel. Ian turned slowly and carried me away to make room for them. The heavy thuds of falling dirt echoed behind us. Low voices began to murmur. I heard footsteps as people milled and huddled to discuss the funeral. I really looked at Ian for the first time as he walked back to the dark mat where it lay on the open dirt-out of place, not belonging. Ian's face was streaked with pale dust, his expression weary. I'd seen his face like that before. I couldn't pinpoint the memory before Ian had laid me on the mat again, and I was distracted. What was I supposed to do out here in the open? Sleep? Doc was right behind us; he and Ian both knelt down in the dust beside me. â€Å"How are you feeling?† Doc asked, already prodding at my side. I wanted to sit up, but Ian pressed my shoulder down when I tried. â€Å"I'm fine. I think maybe I could walk†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"No need to push it. Let's give that leg a few days, okay?† Doc pulled my left eyelid up, absentminded, and shone a tiny beam of light into it. My right eye saw the bright reflection that danced across his face. He squinted away from the light, recoiling a few inches. Ian's hand on my shoulder didn't flinch. That surprised me. â€Å"Hmm. That doesn't help a diagnosis, does it? How does your head feel?† Doc asked. â€Å"A little dizzy. I think it's the drugs you gave me, though, not the wound. I don't like them-I'd rather feel the pain, I think.† Doc grimaced. So did Ian. â€Å"What?† I demanded. â€Å"I'm going to have to put you under again, Wanda. I'm sorry.† â€Å"But†¦ why?† I whispered. â€Å"I'm really not that hurt. I don't want -â€Å" â€Å"We have to take you back inside,† Ian said, cutting me off, his voice low, as if he didn't want it to carry back to the others. I could hear the voices behind us, echoing quietly off the rocks. â€Å"We promised†¦ that you wouldn't be conscious.† â€Å"Blindfold me again.† Doc pulled the little syringe from his pocket. It was already depressed, only a quarter left. I shied away from it, toward Ian. His hand on my shoulder became a restraint. â€Å"You know the caves too well,† Doc murmured. â€Å"They don't want you having the chance to guess†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"But where would I go?† I whispered, my voice frantic. â€Å"If I knew the way out? Why would I leave now?† â€Å"If it eases their minds†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Ian said. Doc took my wrist, and I didn't fight him. I looked away as the needle bit into my skin, looked at Ian. His eyes were midnight in the dark. They tightened at the look of betrayal in mine. â€Å"Sorry,† he muttered. It was the last thing I heard.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Managing Risk Is An Important Task For Any Project Manager

1. Introduction Managing risk is an important task for any project manager. After s/he has determined what risks exist for the project and assessed their importance, s/he needs to choose a strategy for dealing with each risk if and when it comes into play. According to Swanson, the risk assessment is critical because it enables the person responsible for contingency planning to focus risk management efforts and resources in a prioritized manner only on the identified risks. The risk management process includes the risk assessment and determination of suitable technical, management, and operational security controls based on the level of threat the risk imposes (Swanson, 2001). Minimize the chances that the risk will occur, develop†¦show more content†¦However, after discussing about how True Crypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues. I discussed with the manager and told him that when I used it for my forensic lab and noticed that the software worked intermittently on co mputer hard drives, external hard drives and USB drives. The manager decided not to proceed with using True Crypt on USB drives’ procedure is called Risk Avoidance not only because it is not an untested procedure that you’re concerned may not produce the desired project results. â€Å"Risk Transfer† is to pay someone else to assume some or all of the effect of the risk. On November 25, 2014, Chicago CBS news announced Suburban car dealer offering free cars to black Friday buyers if snow on Christmas. According to them, Bill Kay Buick GMC in Downers Grove is offering to reimburse car buyers on Black Friday and the following Saturday the full purchase price of their car if it snows six inches or more at O’Hare Airport on Christmas Day, calling it a â€Å"White Friday† sale. Regalado, the car dealer’s manager, says the sale is a gamble, but given Chicago weather, they are prepared to pay up and have bought a million dollar insurance for the sale (CBS news, 2014). The fact that the dealer bought the insurance on the sale if we have a White Christmas so the company does not have to a total loss if it snows on the 25th of December, 2014 in O’Hare airport, Chicago. To minimize the